Top 7 Popular Tips in choosing a mobile broadband package

Being with Computer on internet at home is such a tiring job to do. Frankly speaking we all are people who likes to roam outside many a times and having a mobile package which offers better broadband facility is most important for us specially for bloggers as well as webmasters who always may want to check the stats of their site.

However I always missed that freedom when I was away from my home – I had grown accustomed to just being able to “Google it” whenever I was unsure about anything and when I did not have access to the Internet when I was on the road it was real loss to me.

Top 7 Popular Tips in choosing a mobile broadband package

Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband or a Monthly Contract?

Mobile Broadband like Mobile phone service is available in two different “flavours”, namely Pay As You Go (PAYG) and a contracted service. Each of these two different options have pluses and minuses depending upon your needs and objectives really and there are a couple of key things you need to consider to help you make your decision.



if you are going to be using the service on a regular basis, you probably want to look at going the contract route. While PAYG is undoubtedly more flexible, it does not provide you with as much data transfer as contracted service and if you need this on a regular basis you do not want to pay too much to “top up” your data allocation.



if you need this on an ad-hoc or one off basis, then go the PAYG route. Not having a monthly commitment is a huge plus and if you do not need to use a huge amount of data in any given month, the excess that you would have to pay (on a monthly basis) balances out against the extra you would have to pay for a top up.


Network Coverage

Ensure that the company you are selecting for your Mobile Broadband service has coverage in the area you are going to be utilizing the service. It is next to useless having Mobile Broadband (either PAYG or on a contract) in a rural area and not having any network access when you try to get online. Basically you are stuck with a little plastic paperweight at that point!


Data Allocations

Make sure that the plan you select gives you enough of a buffer with regards to the data that you are going to be transmitting/receiving. Top Ups are always more expensive (per MB) than purchasing the right amount up front, so judge your needs and requirements carefully.


Packages and Deals

The competition in the Mobile Broadband space is definitely hotting up and I have seen some pretty impressive deals available now for new contracts. Not only are you able to get the USB dongle for free, but with some providers you can even get a laptop – a pretty decent specification one at that – or a sizeable discount on one of the new Tablet PCs!



Probably the most important point when selecting your Mobile Broadband provider is price. While I am still committed to my home Wi-Fi connection, as Mobile Broadband speeds increase I expect that I will eventually be able to get rid of this connection – saving myself quite a bit of money! – and have a truly wireless existence.

Of course right now, Mobile Broadband is a bit of an extra expense, but I have found that I am so much more productive that it almost feels like it is paying for itself! What you think on this article, be sure to post a comment to help us know about your thinking.

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