Top 8 Amazing New Exciting Features in Mozilla Firefox

With the release of Mozilla Firefox 4, people would really think about the differences between the previous version and this version. Let’s compare the features which might make look Firefox 4 more compatible and better than the previous versions. Here are the eight features which describe the newest firefox4.

Top 8 Amazing New Exciting Features in Mozilla Firefox


The appearance really glows when running the newest form of Mozilla browser. The tabs are on the above sidebar which makes it more attractive. The next in menu bar, the application and add-on bars are been slided onto it. So this looks cool with the design and make us attire to it.


Firefox Sync

The synchronization was just inscribed within as an add-on in the previous versions. Now it has become as lone worker where you can synchronize any type of files you offer to at. This is pretty much easy task.



In previous version when multiple or many tab would have been opened, many use to get confused with it. But in the newest Mozilla browser, you can make group of the tabs, so that it would be like root directory and easier to function when multiple works are been done.

New Menu Button or App Button

The newest browser hides menu bar as through default measures, and there are tab at the top most for opening any sort of feature to be worked for within the browser. If different colors the user wants, it can download the color apps and change the color respectively.


New Add On Manager

In the previous features the add on manager use to open in another window and not within the same browser. In the newest form you can open it as a tab instead of moving onto the next window of Mozilla browser.

Restartless Firefox Add_Ons

The restartless add-on where first found within Google browsers. Now the sdk platform (jetpack) has been used by a team to found out the restartless add-ons within Mozilla browsers. It is good to view on the task bar and nicely it can be used.

HTML 5 Support

In the previous versions, HTML5 was not supported by browser. In the newest version of Firefox 4 it supports and mostly it’s good for installing new applications within the browsers.


New java web application is running faster and thus it’s better to use mozilla4. Too good support and features up-bright the using of Mozilla firefox4. The performance while browsing is spectacular it browses with more speed than before.

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