Top 8 iPhone Blogging Popular Apple Best Apps

The iPhone’s portability makes it an invaluable on the go device for bloggers,  and just about any blogging platform you can think of has a coordinating iPhone app, as well as third-party apps for some platforms that offer more functionality.

Here are the top 8 blogging apps for the iPhone.

Top 8 iPhone Blogging Popular Apple Best Apps

1. WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world, and is the  platform of choice for all kinds of bloggers. Whether your blog is hosted on or on your own domain, you can appreciate the high degree of freedom it offers. WordPress is fully customizable and has the most features of pretty much any blogging platform out there. With the WordPress app, you can take your blogging out on the road. You can update your blog whether it’s  hosted on the WordPress site or on your own site, and you can edit or delete  posts on the go as well.

2. Tumblr

Tumblr offers blogging a much more social aspect, and is particularly popular  for microbloggers who want their updates to go more in-depth than 140  characters but don’t need a full-featured blog. The official Tumblr app allows you to update your Tumblr blog and review your dashboard wherever you are. Text, photo, and link posts are easy to make, and if you have the iPhone 3GS or above, you can also make audio and video posts.

3. Joomla Admin Mobile

Bloggers who use Joomla will appreciate the Joomla app, which enables on the  go updating of articles, users, menus, categories, and more. However, the app is not free, so you’ll have to hand over $9.99 in order to use it.

4. BlogPress

Not to be confused with WordPress, BlogPress is a third party app that costs just $2.99 and allows you to update blogs on a variety of platforms, including  WordPress, Drupal, Livejournal, Moveable Type, Joomla, and Blogger. It’s also useful in that you can use it to update non-blogging sites like YouTube,  Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter as well.

5. AltBlogger

Those who blog using Blogger/Blogspot will appreciate this app, which costs  $0.99 and allows you to create new posts for your blog. However, the  functionality is limited by the lack of editing feature and inability to upload photos along with your posts. If all you need is a simple app to update your Blogger, though, altBlogger is a great option.

6. Pen My Blog

Pen My Blog is another Blogger app. This one is free and does allow you to edit  your posts, but some may prefer the interface of altBlogger. If you’re in need of a free app, though, this is the one to choose.

7. iBlogger

Another multi platform blogging app, iBlogger costs $9.99 and is compatible with WordPress, Drupal, Typepad, and more. Creating and editing posts is easy, as well as managing categories and tags for your posts. Travellers will also find  the location feature useful, as iBlogger detects your location and can append it  to your posts, which is a great feature for travel blogs.

8. HubPages

Users of HubPages will find this app indispensable. It’s free and allows you to  update your interests, manage your Hubs, and post comments on statuses and forums. You can also approve comments and explore new Hubs.

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