Top Best 4 Excellent Popular Google Calendar Alternatives

It is very common for human to forget birthdays of loved ones, important meeting dates, etc. But there exist a lot of calendar applications which will never let you to forget the important days of your life. These calendar applications will remind you about important dates and fixtures at the right time.

Top Best 4 Excellent Popular Google Calendar Alternatives

iCal (Mac)

iCal is an application for personal use developed by Apple that is supported on the Mac OS X operating system. This application for Mac OS X offers support for multiple calendars and the capability to publish calendars to WebDAV server. iCal also enables you to keep a complete track of your appointments along with all the other events with multiple calendars that provide you with a list of upcoming activities by day, week or month. This application never allows you to forget important gestures.


Microsoft Outlook (Mac/Windows)

Microsoft outlook, often used as an e-mail application also has a calendar. MS Outlook also allows you to mark already fixed schedule as urgent, uncertain, etc. And if you choose, when it’s time to go to a conference, Outlook will remind you. You can schedule activities in your Outlook calendar as appointments, conference, events, etc. By enabling yourself to choose the calendar entries correctly, you will be enabled to know what’s going on with the past, present and future days. Apart from UI interface, it also been upgraded with a lot of new features.


Thunderbird + Lightning (Mac/Windows/Linux)

Thunderbird + Lightning is one of the best application along with best alternative to Google calendar that comes with a complete package suite apps which enables for planning of meetings on time. Just like other calendar this also allows you to mark your important dates. Lightning extension to Thunderbird enables a featured Calendar Application which enables sending or receiving meeting invitations using email. Hence you can never miss any of your important schedules.


Rainlendar (Mac/Windows/Linux)

Rainlendar is a customizable calendar application that keeps all your important events and tasks always visible to you. Rainlendar is well known for its small space and memory requirements. It is also supported common on platforms like Windows, Mac OS X along with Linux and has an easily customizable user-interface. This tool comes with several functions including a to-do list and a reminder alarm. For a better organization of these to-do list and events, are placed in separate lists. Another advantage of this application is that it is highly customizable (like skins can be changed). Moreover it is platform independent also.

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